Frequently asked questions

What does "HHTML" mean?

"HHTML" is the abbreviation for "Hamburg HTML". Also, "HH" is the abbreviation for "Hansestadt Hamburg".

Where will the meetup take place?

This differs from meetup to meetup. Check the appropriate meetup description. The majority of meetups will be remote, but we also try to have in-person meetups from time to time.

In what language will the meetup be?

The meetup will be in english.

Is the meetup only about HTML and nothing else?

No, we are not a HTML-only meetup. We love to hear what you build with HTML in combination with other technologies. Do you want to share HTML and CSS tricks for accessibility? Have a talk about web standards? Want to talk about a JavaScript framework? Ideally one that builds on progressive enhancement? Have tips on improving page load performance? Go for it!

But I prefer to work with <framework> and not with HTML

Use whatever works best for you. Also note that your framework might also render HTML in the end.

If that's the case, you might benefit from knowing about HTML.

But HTML is not a programming language?

HTML is a programming language. Not up for a debate 💖.